Thursday, February 27, 2014

Celtic Knots

I just found out how hard-and easy Celtic knots are! I will be doing a tutorial on them as soon as i get the hang of them on my youtube channel. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Vikings

That has the worst Christians ever

So I know I am not the only Homeschooling Christian that likes the Vikings off the History Channel out there. And I gotta say, Athelstan is a terrible Christian, every question that I could answer he is stumped on.
Like why did God let this happen? Maybe it was a test for you, to test your faith in Him. Seriously, bad things happen to good people, but if we are never falling, and just standing at the edge of the cliff, where is our faith that will make us jump when we have too?

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me! Today I got a 4th Doctor scarf from my favorite Doctor Who, and a Polyproplene practice sword to sword fight with-yay! well, thanks to my mom who went through labor on today for me, and my twin brother. Love you all and God Bless!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Which Witch? By Eva Ibbotson

Which Witch is a funny little tale, meant for the age group of 12-14. It was easy reading, and made me laugh quite a bit.

It is about a witch named Belladonna, whom is a white witch. But she desperately wants to be a black witch. And when Arriman the Awful wants a bride, Belladonna wishes she could be she. But they are having a contest. And the one with the blackest magic is the one that will win. And Belladonna can’t even turn a typewriter into a nest of vipers-how could she possibly do a deed blacker then any of the other witches?

To buy:

A great, funny little book!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Not posting-gah! sorry!

Hi! I just started this blog out-then I stopped posting-what is with that? Well, sorry folks! I have been having health problems since last October, and they have been finally diagnosed as Anemia. And I have been awfully sick. I really appoligize! But now that we have nailed it down I will start up posting again!